A weekend of music, soul food, workshops, market and magic.

17 and 18 September the Frog Garden opens its doors for a big party to raise money to buy the land the Frog Garden is on.

Flyer for Frog Fest


The Frog Garden and the Grote Eik aims to be a happy and healthy community for people of all ages. Keep this in mind when bringing food, drinks and other entertainment aids.

We will supply food, (non-alcoholic) drinks, a place to sleep (bring a tent) and an amazing time on donation.

Please read the house rules of the frog garden


For info and the route description, please see the contact page. For cars and campervans, we can use a field between Johans house and the Frog Garden. Follow the signs into the forest & onto the field!

Camping & sleeping

There is a place for tents created in the Frog Garden, you can also camp at Johans or Jurjens place. We can use a field near the Frog for campervans.


All day there will be something to snack on donation. Feel free to bring your own food to share for the potluck buffet. Saturday will be a dinner and Sunday will be a brunch by Pauline, our resident star chef.



Time What Where
13:00 Opening ceremory Sacred Space
14:00 Circus workshop Butterfly Space
14:00 Ravdrum Meditation Sacred Space
15:00 Mantra singing Sacred Space
16:00 Gemstone Workshop Paradise
17:00 Wijnand+band Music Stage
17:00 Food buffet/potluck Kitchen
18:00 Concert by Flow Music Stage
19:00 Ecstatic dance Sacred Space
21:00 Fire show Butterfly Space


All day market!

Time What Where
11:00 Morning Yoga by Janneke Butterfly Space
11:00 Kids Yoga by Boris Kids Corner
12:00 Blindfold movement workshop Butterfly Space
13:00 Cacao Ceremony Sacred Space
14:00 Silent walk meditation Starting from the bar
15:00 Jewelry workshop Paradise
16:00 Poppenverhalen Amfibian Theatre (Sacred Space)
16:00 Hoop dance workshop Butterfly Space
17:00 Santur trance by Engelbert Sacred Space
18:00 Theatre improvisation Butterfly Space
19:00 Drum circle Sacred Space
20:00 Closing ceremony Sacred Space

Unscheduled activities

What Who
Ravdrum Meditation Koen
Face Painting Aly
Auction Riet
Jam Sessions Anybody
Dreads/extensions Aly & Vojtek
Massages Dorus
Reiki healings/readings Maria


There is a Whatsapp group to share your car or look for a ride!


Improv theatre workshop

We’ll explore together how we can use improvisation theatre exercises and theatre sports games and the principles of applied improv to effectively and spontaneously react to situations and interact with others.

Mantra Singing

Together we all express ourselves as one. Chanting words and sounds that have been resonating on this earth since thousands of years. It strengthens the connection with ourself, each other and the mystic.

Jewelry Workshop

De bijzondere aantrekkingskracht en liefde voor kristallen en mineralen is van alle tijden. Gebruikt ter versiering maar door de bijzondere eigenschappen ook vaak diende als talisman of amulet. Het gebruik van kristallen wordt steeds populairder daar wij opnieuw de waarde en krachten ervan aan het herontdekken zijn. Naast dat kristallen mooi zijn werken ze natuurlijk ook op het energetisch door met hun crystalline energie het energetisch veld te harmoniseren.


Flow makes music

With her ukulele, ektara and piano, Flow sings her heart out and shares the sound experiences she gathered travelling out-there and within.


Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance is a free form of dance with the goal to achieve ecstasy. This is a natural state in which your awareness shifts and you get to experience a meditative and happy state of mind through body movement. It is a lot of fun to move your body to diffrent styles of music and to be able to move as you like.



During the drum circle we will sit together in a circle and play the sounds which are arising in the moment.