Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance is a free form of dance with the goal to achieve ecstasy. This is a natural state in which your awareness shifts and you get to experience a meditative and happy state of mind through body movement. It is a lot of fun to move your body to diffrent styles of music and to be able to move as you like.

The good thing about Ecstatic Dance is that there are almost no rules! There are only three important rules to bear in mind when you’re joining an Ecstatic Dance. No alcohol/drugs No talking No judgment Other than those, you’ll have no limitations during an Ecstatic Dance session! There is no choreography, there is no set music genre, and most importantly: there is nothing but love and acceptance around you. It is a safe space for you to truly express yourself how you want. The music will be mixed by Dj Jalili (Janneke) Her music is playfull with lot’s of happy vibes. Magical tunes, gongs, fluits and drums pass by in the music. World music combined with African, Samba, Balkan and House beats. Rhythms that make your body want to dance, your mind to become silent while your spirit can expand. The opening ceremony will be guided by Henna Toppenberg.